Experience the wonders of Namibia like a local

We facilitate once-in-a-lifetime vacations for adventurous travellers seeking a rich & intimate encounter with Namibia.

You’re more than ready for a vacation, but even *thinking* about holiday planning is just one more thing you don’t have time for.

Well, consider this alternative…

You hire a local expert you can trust to help the trip you’ve imagined come to life. Someone with a wealth of knowledge about the country and who genuinely cares about your experience while you visit.

That’s exactly what we offer. The African Wanderer experience is high-touch, sincere, and customised to you.  Now you can finally – and confidently – embark on the safari retreat you’ve envisioned.

Travel agency services, infused with heart & soul.

Our boutique services support you while you bask in the magic of a Namibia safari.

We partner with trusted local companies to craft custom itineraries which include lodging, car rental, and excursions based on your travel desires. Our holidays cater to various travel preferences — from independent explorations to high-touch guided tours.


For visitors who want the company of an expert guide available to drive & assist with itinerary details.


For independent travellers who want to take ownership over their pace, space, & excursions.


For vacationers who want to prioritise luxury accommodations and prefer the efficiency of travelling Namibia via light aircraft.

Ready to start planning your holiday?

Find inspiration and further details about our offerings. We’ll help you choose the perfect fit for your desired holiday.

We’re passionate about sharing this awe-inspiring country with people like you.

As Namibia locals, we don’t take this beautiful country for granted. It’s remarkable to immerse yourself in unspoiled nature, intimately experience free-roaming wildlife, and meet the local people who capture the spirit of it all. Namibia is one-of-a-kind, and we can’t wait to share this unique corner of the world with you.

The Ultimate Guide for First-Time Namibia Travellers

International travel is most rewarding when you’re prepared. Understanding what to expect, where to save, where to splurge, and how to organise your time can make an important difference in your holiday experience.We created this resource to help you plan your trip to Namibia equipped with the pro tips only a Namibian local can provide.

We created this resource to help you plan your trip to Namibia equipped with the pro tips only a Namibian local can provide.

“African Wanderer organised the perfect family holiday to Namibia”

A simply brilliant experience.  African Wanderer organised the perfect family holiday to Namibia, listening to what we wanted out of the holiday and then carefully crafting an itinerary that delivered it all and so much more.  We enjoyed an amazing quality of accommodation, activities, and experiences we won’t forget. No request or question was too much bother and was quickly addressed. We were given accurate and sensible advice. Hanneke added lots of little touches that finished it all off.  We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this top-class service and no doubt we’ll use them again.


“Hanneke organised an unforgettable holiday for 5 families travelling through Namibia.”

I will recommend booking your Namibian holiday through African Wanderer. Hanneke organised an unforgettable holiday for 5 families travelling through Namibia. Her recommendations were perfect for our group, and we loved every moment of our adventure. Thank you so much!


“The perfect mix among everything we wanted to be part of. Everything was way above our expectations.”

Namibia is such a beautiful place that having the time of your life down there is 95% because of Namibia and 5% because of a good organisation. Well, that 5% was simply perfect. African Wanderer realised the journey we were looking for, the perfect mix among all the things we wanted to be part of. Everything exceeded our expectations: the campsites, the lodges, and the activities. The assistance throughout the trip was very effective. We will return to Southern Africa, and no doubt, we’ll rely on Hanneke for the organisation. 


You don’t have to wait another month, year, or decade to schedule the trip of a lifetime. From booking accommodations and transport to coordinating activities — we’re available to support you through it all. 


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