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We create itineraries for travel to Namibia. Our small, dedicated team work tirelessly to make your African travel dreams come true. As a result, you will have the confidence to explore this incredible, wilderness outpost.

Hanneke (Director of African Wanderer) and her husband clinking glasses for a sundowner in front of Kalahari red dunes

To get lost is to find the way

– African Proverb

Why Namibia?

Namibia represents the perfect mix of drama, romance and adventure…

A vast and arid expanse of land. Lonely, desert roads wind through unbelievable vistas. Namibia will sear herself into your memory and heart.
No one travels through the endless vistas of the ancient Namib Desert
or otherworldliness of arid Damaraland and looks at the world the same way again.

Himba women and kids in Kaokoveld (Kunene region) wearing their traditional clothing and jewelry sitting in front of hut

The warmth and authenticity of the people are as endearing as the landscapes.

Traditional ways of life offer authentic, unique experiences for art and culture lovers.

Families find space and time to share meaningful moments together.

Lovers find impossibly romantic settings at comfortable and luxurious safari properties.

Space, silence and time are all in plentiful supply and if you love hearing the crunch of the earth under your feet, Namibia calls.

Whatever your interest is –
Namibia has a trip with your name on it.


Simply pop us an email with your plans and we will work with you to create an itinerary that suits you. Namibia is big and we recommend spending time at each destination rather than trying to see it all in one go.

Pencil drawing ostrich with baobab

What is your travel style?

Pack of curious lion cubs still with their tawny black spots on gravel plain

Guided Tours

See the country in the company of an experienced and knowledgeable guide and in the comfort of a private, air-conditioned vehicle. The guide sees to every detail of your trip and will translate when necessary. All you have to do is relax and enjoy.

Rear paws of a leopard jumping off safari vehicle

Self-Drive Tours

Our self-drive itineraries are ideal for independent travellers who prefer to do things at their own pace and in their own space. Our self-drive clients are given detailed itineraries (these include detailed directions), an up to date map clearly showing your particular route, hotel/lodge contact details. Time for the road trip of your life!

Scene of fighting oryx atelopes raising red sand with an artificial waterhole in the foreground and red sand dunes in the back

Fly-In Tours

When luxury is a priority or time is limited, travelling around Namibia by light aircraft is the way to go. We work with the best charter companies to ensure that the highest standards of safety and professionalism are always maintained. Fly-in tours make it possible to cover long distances and visit remote outposts. Flying can be part of a guided / self-drive tour. Seeing Namibia from the air is breathtakingly beautiful.

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